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Fred Whipple Visitor Center Part 2
Kurt Erichsen in front of an Eastern Red


The best part of the Whipple exhibit concerns the man personally, not astronomy. He had a great collection of astronomical neckties. Nobody but a total dork would wear such a tie — they must’ve looked great on him. I wish I had a collection like that. Who said there’s anything wrong with being a dork in the cause of science?

These neckties call to mind my days at the Michigan State University Science Fiction Society (MSUSFS). We should’ve adopted ties like these as our official club ties. They would’ve been perfect for us. Except that none of us ever wore ties.

Up closer:





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We didn't wear ties only because we didn't have any ties like THESE!

My family gasps whenever I put on a tie, but I'd wear a couple of these..if nothing else, for effect!

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