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Reasons to visit Paris
Kurt Erichsen in front of an Eastern Red

John and Kurt at la Tour Eiffel - taken by a Spanish couple - we took their picture too

John and I visited Paris — our first time. We had an opportunity for a week in a time-share, and jumped at the chance.

Paris was at then top of John’s must-visit list. It was his birthday, so he got to decide. We went to Wien for my birthday and Neujahrstag. This time it was his turn.

What can one do in Paris in a week? Not enough. Paris has much to offer, and you simply have to prioritize. Here is my (incomplete) list of world-class offerings Paris has:

1.      Art

2.      History

3.      Architecture

4.      Museums

5.      Restaurants as a culinary adventure

6.      Pastry shops and bakeries

7.      Wine

8.      Shopping

9.      Music

10.  Theater

11.  Neighborhood walks including all of the above

12.  Famous monuments

13.  Rioting in the streets (do they still throw up barricades in front of Hôtel de Ville and keep guillotines handy?)

14.  Verbal abuse in a romance language

Us? We focused on first-timer sight seeing, architecture, lots of walking, as much of selected museums as we could manage, and (musical) theater. Since we were in a time-share, we limited restaurants to one meal a day, usually picking something handy for the neighborhood we happened to be in. Lunches usually came from the grocery store, in itself a minor adventure. And a bit of shopping.

Stay tuned.
Galleries Lafayette - a department store, not an opera house


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I'd like to go back to Paris as an adult. One of these years, in my copious free time.

While I remember the art, and some of the architecture, what I remember more was the filth (watching 3 people in 2 blocks, only one of whom was a child, defecating on the sidewalk, one of our party stepping in some type of solid waste & tracking it into the hotel room... In comparison NYC was clean), actually being so tired that when we got onto some sort of a ferry for a sightseeing cruise (I think) I was literally nodding off, parents not wanting to go to the top of the Eiffel tower, and my mother looking for the square where the guillotine was, and being told that they do NOT commemorate that; it was a sad time and they don't want to remember. We eventually found it, but there was only a small plaque with terse information.

Oh yeah, and we ate snails. But about 1/3 of them tasted bad. The rest were delicious.

Glad you had what sounds like a wonderful, if too short, time.

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