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Madera Canyon
Kurt Erichsen in front of an Eastern Red

Kurt in Medera Canyon
(Kurt shows off his Herculean strength in Madera Canyon)

There are a lot of mountains in the Green Valley/Tucson area, and canyons between them. One is Medera Canyon, part of the Coronado National Forest, and is laced by hiking trails. It’s become a favorite place for us to go for long walks.

The trails are rated by difficulty. The one we usually take is a “grandma trail,” perhaps 4 miles long and climbing 600 feet. This time we tried one the next level up in difficulty, climbing over 1000 feet. We thought we had the stamina. It didn’t seem all that steep. We thought wrong. I made it a bit farther up the trail than John, but we only lasted about half way before turning around.

To finish the day, we walked the handicap accessible trail, about as difficult as a city park.
This Medera Creek Canyon trail doesn't look so difficult
(This hiking trail doesn't look so difficult, does it?)


The view of the creek from a bridge reminded me pensively of trips we used to take when I was a kid, to go swimming in the Coos River. All the property was owned by the government or logging companies — you just pulled off the road and went swimming then and there. Apparently we weren't concerned about trespassing. Yes, there’s a reason why I was in this maudlin mood.
Kids were playing in Medera Creek
(Kids were playing in Medera Creek. I just cropped them out. Honestly.)

John  makes friends with the wildlife
(John  makes friends with the wildlife)



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